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ho came up with the idea of BioInnovation Institute back in 2016? What does it feel like to raise a series A investment? How does BII work with venture capitalist firms to select the best start-ups?

You will find the answers to that and a lot more in this digital edition of BII Magazine. A deep dive into what we came from and an outlook on the future of life science entrepreneurship.

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“When we were in the planning phase with BioInnovation Institute, the important question was if there really were enough innovative ideas and entrepreneurs to warrant what is probably the largest incubator in the Nordic region. Now, two years into the life of BII, I am very impressed with both the quantity and quality of research projects and start-ups with commercial potential supported by BII. This is very positive, as it will eventually lead to new innovative products and solutions that can benefit people and society.” Lars Rebien Sørensen, Chairman of the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s Board of Directors.

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BII’s founders and funding

The Novo Nordisk Foundation may decide to award up to a total of EUR 470M (DKK 3.58B) over a 10-year period to BII.

BII has been awarded EUR 90M (DKK 674M) in funding for 2021-2022 by the Novo Nordisk Foundation to establish BII as an independent foundation.

BII’s annual funding activities are expected to increase significantly, starting in 2021.

Our projects and start-ups

BII start-ups and projects bring out innovative ideas in therapeutics, bioindustrials, and health tech.

The start-up teams in BII’s programs say that they apply for three main reasons: network, funding, and expertise.

Series A: STipe Therapeutics is the first BII start-up to raise a series A investment. In September 2019, the company closed a deal for EUR 20M (DKK 150M).

Community and network

BII has had several distinguished, international speakers at in-house events: the most cited engineer in history, MIT professor Robert Langer; CRISPR pioneer Feng Zhang; Nobel Prize Winner Frances Arnold; Co-founder of Zymergen Zach Serber; and acclaimed MIT professor Linda Griffith.

BII’s business developers have lived and worked in 27 different countries.

Amongst our partners are the law firm Plesner, the IP consultancy Zacco, the patent law firm Høiberg, and the strategy consulting and investment banking firm, Back Bay Life Science Advisors.

500 by the end of 2023, BioInnovation Institute expects to host an ecosystem of up to 500 people.

Board of Directors for the BII Foundation

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