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What projects are supported?

Bio Studio supports ambitious translational projects that address major challenges with substantial societal and health impact and target a significant current or future market need.

Do I need existing IP to apply for Bio Studio? What happens if there is existing IP for the project?

It is not a requirement to have existing IP to apply for Bio Studio. If there is existing IP relating to the project (background IP), this must be licensable to the future spin-out company on market terms. Any IP generated during Bio Studio remains the property of the host institution but must also be licensable to the spin-out company. BII’s IP specialist can assist in devising and advising on IP strategy while in the Bio Studio program.      

What is the purpose of the program?

The goal of each Bio Studio project is to create a viable startup by the end of the program that can raise seed or Series A financing.

What is the difference between Bio Studio and Venture Lab?

Bio Studio focuses on translating world-class research into a company within three years by establishing a satellite group at BII that will form the basis of the future spin-out company. For the Venture Lab program, applicants must reach critical inflection points within team development, research maturation, and business model development that can lead to additional financing within one year.

What program support do I receive?

As part of the Bio Studio program, you will receive help with scientific maturation, development of IP, entrepreneurial training, extensive in-kind partner services and preparation for fundraising.

Who is the program for?

Established PIs with at least three years of experience of leading an independent research group from across the world with a strong academic track record and demonstrated experience in translating research and/or commercialization.

Will the project teams be located in the home institutions or at BII in Copenhagen?

The project teams will reside in Copenhagen. Year one will be a transitional year for establishing the team and facilities. When the first year ends, the majority of operations and the team will reside at BII in Copenhagen.

What funding does the Bio Studio grant come with?

Bio Studio projects are expected to run for up to 3 years and the funding is awarded in sequential 1-year in-kind grants of up to DKK 7,8M pending on annual approval of extension based on the milestone plan.

What are the terms for the funding?

Funded projects will be incubated at BII’s state-of-the-art facilities in central Copenhagen. PIs themselves are not expected to relocate to BII and will remain at their host institution. Any IP generated during the Bio Studio project will remain with the PI’s host institution or with the inventors depending on appropriate legislation.