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Why become a BII Resident?

By becoming a resident at BioInnovation Institute (BII), you have the opportunity to relocate to the heart of Copenhagen’s Science District and immerse yourself in our entrepreneurial environment. BII serves as a hub for ambitious and innovative start-ups, with a focus on disciplines related to human and planetary health. These start-ups benefit from plug-and-play office and laboratory spaces within a vibrant community. Additionally, larger industry players or corporations looking to co-locate with start-ups can also leverage the community and showcase their own products and services.

What does BII Residence entail?

Regardless of the residence package you select, joining as a BII Resident grants you access to shared spaces, community activities, and general services. BioInnovation Institute (BII) strives to foster a knowledge-sharing community comprising innovators, supportive individuals, and passionate drivers of change. Our vision is for the BII building to serve as an excellent workplace and a hub for connecting with fellow innovators. We encourage all users to embrace a culture of openness, collaboration, and knowledge exchange. Before applying, please familiarize yourself with our House Rules.

Facilities and services

Empowering Your Innovation Journey

Network at BII

Becoming part of BII’s community gives access to a first-class network of peers, human & planetary health entrepreneurs and a wider ecosystem. BII puts pride in creating community events such as monthly breakfasts, Friday bars, workshops and many other activities.
Office space

Flexible Workspace Solutions

BII’s offices are open-plan and you can book either fixed or flexible workstations. Both include standard office infrastructure.

Cutting-Edge Lab Access

Access to BII’s labs entails a fixed lab bench in an open GMO 1/GMO 2 classified lab as well as shared use of high-end equipment, basic consumables, cold storage, glass wash & autoclaving, lab coat supply & cleaning.
Shared spaces

Adaptive Hubs

The shared spaces at BII include open coworking spaces, meeting rooms, parking, soundproof phone booths, showers and locker rooms and our refreshment stations where residents get unlimited tea, coffee and sparkling water.

First-Class Amenities

Services include catered lunch, reception and postal service, printing stations, WiFi and access to member-only discounts.

Choose your desk plan (one of 3)

Fixed desk

DKK 5.000

per month

The benefits of a traditional office with a fixed desk while enjoying the flexibility and atmosphere of a collaborative environment. Two access cards included.

Flex desk

DKK 3.000

per month

Prefer a more flexible setup and a change of scenery throughout the day? Get access to our flex desks in our co-working area. Two access cards included.

Private office

From DKK 5.000

per month

For companies looking for their own, private space to work from while enjoying being connected to a vibrant community. Options for a private office: 5.000 DKK/month: Access to private office one fixed day a week. You will share the office with up to three other companies. 12.500 DKK/month: Private office for your company only.

Add a laboratory bench

Fixed laboratory bench

DKK 27.500

per month

In BII’s labs you get your own dedicated lab bench in a shared lab with like-minded startups. You will have access to a range of shared equipment, basic consumables, cold storage, glass wash and autoclaving, and lab coat supply and cleaning. Two 24/7 access cards included.

  • GMO 1 classified general lab
  • GMO 1 classified special labs; DNA/RNA lab, microscope lab, fermentation lab, analytical lab, cell labs
  • GMO 2 classified cell lab
  • 3D printing and prototyping lab

Services, amenities and community activities included in all options:

  • Access to Meeting Rooms and social zones
  • Community events and parties
  • Access to unique life-science network
  • Resident-only discounts
  • Workshop and event space
  • Printing stations
  • Soundproof phone booths
  • Access to house 24/7
  • Access to Parking
  • Postal address for your company
  • Coffee and tea
  • WiFi
  • Catered Lunch
  • Nordic design and interior
  • Reception services

Voice of the Residence

Axel Moss Kjær


"One of the reasons we chose BII as the base for our overseas headquarters is its vibrant quantum ecosystem. The openness, friendliness, and curiosity that characterize Deep Tech Lab encapsulate the Danish quantum startup spirit, reaffirming our decision to be part of this office community. Whether it's legal matters or catering, there is always someone able to help or give advice and we are truly grateful to be here."

Ishani Ummat


"The state-of-the-art facilities and vibrant community at BII provide an ideal environment for us to grow and innovate. As we scale, having access to the BII facilities and the ability to collaborate with other cutting-edge life science companies has been invaluable. BII offers a wealth of resources and acts as a nexus for the biotech community in Denmark. We look forward to continue leveraging the platform they have created to advance our mission of revolutionizing precision medicine through single-cell spatial proteomics."

Erik Warnecke

Artisan Development Labs, Inc.

"Finding a home at BII was instrumental in the progress that Artisan was able to achieve in its first two years of operations. Having plug-and-play space with a fully-functional lab and office space gave us the ability to start our technical research on day one and to build on our technology which led to a very successful Series A financing in late 2020. We feel BII provides a product not available anywhere else in Denmark and gave us a unique opportunity as an early-stage start-up."

Ulrik Søresen

Ankrin Therapeutics

BII has offered us a creative environment and a wide range of activities and events providing opportunity for learning, inspiration, and networking. Further, BII offers state-of-the-art lab facilities which have been crucial to develop the company's projects and assets. With lots of scientific innovation going on in the Copenhagen area, but limited opportunities for accessing lab facilities, BII Residency has been critical in the transition from start-up at BII to an independent biotech."

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Is BII Residence a good match for you?

Now that you are familiar with BII Residence, we hope that you are interested in joining our vibrant entrepreneurial environment in the heart of Copenhagen. If you are an innovative start-up within human or planetary health looking for plug-and-play office and laboratory spaces, or a larger industry player or corporation looking to co-locate with start-ups, we want to hear from you. Our Residence team is ready to answer any questions you may have, so reach out.

Do I have to be part of a BII Venture Program to become a BII Resident?

No, BII Residency is open to all start-ups within human and planetary health. We also welcome corporate and industry partners into our private office spaces.

What is the safety level of the lab?

The BII shared lab facility is mainly GMO Class 1 area. There is also a dedicated GMO Class 2 lab available that can be used upon special instructions.

Can I do animal testing in the lab?

No, but we have several partners close by that can provide such services. It is possible to do work on animal tissues in BII labs.

What belongs to the basic equipment of each bench?

Each lab bench is supplied with a set of single channel pipettes, a small centrifuge, and a shaker. If you rent a lab bench, you have access to a huge collection of general and special equipment.

How big can my team be?

Our co-working space and lab caters for single-person teams up to teams of 10-15 people.

Do you offer virtual offices?

No, BII does not offer virtual offices.

Team list

Meet the Residence team

  • Relationship Manager

    Jeppe Seidenfaden

  • Head of Facilities

    Bo Heinemann

  • Relationship Manager (on maternity leave)

    Hanna Ollinen