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Venture Lab helps early-stage start-ups accelerate their journey towards validated venture

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Why apply to Venture Lab?

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Engaging with the community

The advantage of being present at BII is to network and meet people who encountered similar challenges as you.

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Providing founder-friendly funding

BII gives you a risk-free convertible loan to develop your startup at a stage where it is difficult to assign a value to your company.

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Supporting companies within planetary and human health

BII is supporting early-stage start-ups that contribute to improving planetary and human health.

268 M

EUR external funding raised by Venture Lab alumni

73 %

Of Venture Lab alumni raised external funding since 2018

36 %

First time founders

4.2 x

External funding leverage across portfolio

What is Venture Lab

Your journey starts here
Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey

Taking the first step

Your journey in the Venture Lab program starts with an intense, three-day bootcamp starting with a pitch in front of the whole building and followed by focused workshops to kickstart your start-up development, team-building, and scientific maturation.
Developing your company

Sprinting towards success

In 12 months, the Venture Lab program covers launching a business comprehensively. You'll delve into customer insights, competitor analysis, regulatory navigation, fundraising strategies, operational scaling, partnership dynamics, and exit planning. Additionally, monthly peer-to-peer sessions will strengthen founders' resilience and leadership abilities, providing valuable tools to balance pressure and foster mental well-being while leading their team confidently.
Celebrating with the community

Crossing the finish line

After a tough year full of hard work, scientific maturation, team growth, and business development, the Demo Day marks the graduation of the Venture Lab program.
Entering a new phase

Preparing for the next adventure?

Venture Lab is only the steppingstone Your BII journey doesn’t have to end here. Once you’ve finished the Venture Lab program, you’ll be eligible to apply for our follow-on funding and start-up development program, Venture House.

Follow-on funding through Venture House

The Venture House program offers Venture Lab companies an opportunity to secure follow on funding of DKK 10M and an additional 18-month-long program specifically designed to help the start-ups attract substantial funding.

1.3 M

EUR follow-up funding

346 M

Raised by Venture House portfolio

How to apply?

It's that easy

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    Read our guidelines to see if you are eligible for the program.

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    Reach out to our team below, if you have any questions.

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    Write and submit your application by clicking ‘apply’.

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    Wait while we do our due diligence. Learn more about the process below.

BII reviews and evaluates applications in three steps:

Step 1 – BII screening: The Business Development team reviews all videos and selects projects with a clear
value proposition and alignment with BII’s vision and mission for further review of the written application
and the pitch deck (see instructions for application material in section 3). Top applicants are selected for
further diligence.

Step 2 – Due diligence: BII’s due diligence partners review the applicants’ projects, terms of commercial
and scientific/technical aspects to identify the most promising candidates for BII funding.

Step 3 – Pitch: Selected applicants are invited to pitch in front of one of BII’s Program Advisory Groups,
who will provide recommendations for BII. The Program Advisory Groups consist of experts and Venture
Capitalists working within Human Health (Therapeutics – Therapeutics Advisory Group, Health Tech –
Health Tech Advisory Group, and Women’s Health – Women’s Health Innovation Panel), and Planetary
Health (BioIndustrials Advisory Group). Please make sure to pre-book the time for the pitch already now
in your calendar’s. Finally, BII Board of Directors makes the final decision based on recommendations
from the Program Advisory Group and BII.

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