Meet our Women's Health team at these conferences in 2023 - BioInnovation Institute

Meet our Women’s Health team at these conferences in 2023

Meet our Women’s Health team at these conferences in 2023

The Women’s Health team at BioInnovation Institute is dedicated to strengthening the European ecosystem within women’s health, including raising awareness and scouting for potential start-ups and researchers to join BII programs. In 2023, the team will attend various conferences across primarily Europe. We met up with the team, to find out where they are going and what they hope to achieve.

We need to stay on top of scientific developments 

I will focus on scientific conferences and university events this year, says Johanna Roostalu, Principal, Women’s Health. This will keep us updated on the latest developments in basic and clinical research and help us understand the innovation potential of different indication areas within women’s health. It is also a fantastic opportunity to meet scientists and share what BII programs can offer. There is some really exciting new research going on – the challenge will be to translate this to new solutions to benefit patients.”

Knowing the broader ecosystem is key to success 

“We are working hard to expand and maintain our network with many different ecosystem players. From industry, start-ups, and VCs to accelerators, universities, and passionate individuals”, says Cathrine Nygaard Christensen, Innovation Manager, Women’s Health. For this reason, the conferences that bring together a broad range of participants are very relevant for us. Here we catch up with people that are already in our network and meet new potential collaborators.” Additionally, Trine Bartholdy, Chief Innovation Officer overseeing the Women’s Health Initiative, will attend the investor-centric Bio Equity conference.

Conferences we are attending:

University Series – London (March 2nd), Zurich (April 25th), Berlin (May 2nd)

This event series targets university students, PhDs, and Post Docs. It aims to create awareness of issues within women’s health research, spark interest and build communities. The event series is run by the organization FemTechnology Summit – sponsored by BioInnovation Institute.

Women’s Health Innovation Summit 2023, Basel (26-24 April)

First time organized last year, this conference is the European version of a bigger conference organized in Boston. We went in 2022 and truly benefited from meeting so many ecosystem stakeholders. Industry and VCs are well-represented, but also startup and university innovation staff are present.

15th World Congress on Endometriosis, Edinburgh (3-6 May)

No denying that endometriosis has become a hot topic in Women’s Health. We see a lot of research within a space that is in desperate need of therapeutic solutions. Consequently, we also see increased investor interest in innovation within this area.

Bio€quity Europe 2023, Dublin (14-16 May)

The event targets biotech decision-makers such as CEOs and VCs. With a mix of panels, keynotes and start-up pitch sessions, this is a great place to introduce the BII start-ups to potential investors – and connect with VCs potentially interested in women’s health.

FemTechnology Summit 2023, Basel, Switzerland, (7 June)

Originally organized as a successful online summit, this one-day conference will gather primarily academia, clinicians, and industry. The summit will focus on bringing the expertise of the attendees into action and creating curated networking.

Folkemødet, Bornholm (15-17 June)

Every year, policymakers, companies, organizations, and the public gather on the Danish Island of Bornholm to discuss societal issues. We will be there to meet organizations, media, and policymakers to keep raising awareness of the inequalities in women’s health.

Reproductive Sciences: From Innovation to Impact, Ottawa, Canada (11-14 July)

Organized by The Society for the Study of Reproduction, this annual meeting will feature keynote and speakers presenting novel insights on topics such as ethics in gene editing, male contraception, and reproductive technologies.

Organoids: modeling organ development and disease in 3D culture, Heidelberg/online (18-21 October)

This conference will bring together leading researchers from various fields to establish a new research community, and enhance our understanding of how organoids can be formed and maintained.

BII Event, Copenhagen (Fall 2023, TBC) 

In December 2022, we hosted the sold-out event ‘Gaps & Opportunities in Women’s Health’ together with Medicon Valley Alliance. We plan to organize a similar event in the fall, but this has not yet been confirmed.  


Connect with the team

Are you also going to these conferences and interested in meeting us? Connect with Johanna and Cathrine to stay in touch!



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