BII News - Insights on how to grow and exit a start-up

Event: Insights on how to grow and exit a start-up

Event: Insights on how to grow and exit a start-up

On September 12, Dr. Pedro de Noronha Pissarra, CEO of Chrysea Labs will visit BioInnovation Institute at the event series ‘Talks at the Square’ to give valuable insight from a long career in life science entrepreneurship.

We caught him in between flights for 4 quick questions three days before the event. Read the interview below and sign up today.

You founded your first biopharmaceutical company in Portugal more than 22 years ago. What are the major changes to today’s entrepreneurial scene?
Science and technology have evolved tremendously which has created more opportunities. The multidisciplinary nature of businesses is dramatically different and higher and there are more companies, funding, infrastructure and well-organized ecosystems.

You have carried out research at DTU. What is your experience of translational research in Denmark?
Having been at Kings College London and then MIT, I was amazed by the organization, the infrastructure and the resources made available to post-graduate students in Denmark. That is something I had not experienced before. Those elements put together contributes to a very high standard in work and results.  

In 2018, both Biotecnol Limited and Rodon Biologics, which you co-founded were sold to Chiome Biosciences, Inc and the Iberfar Group. What are your recommendations for start-ups going into such a process?
I will elaborate on this further during my Talk at the Square on Thursday but in essence: Try to have more than one plan, keep your options open and create a competition for every single deal. The market is very dynamic, good finance is scarce and it is a fierce battlefield out there. Above all, be honest.  

What can the audience expect from your Talk at the Square at BII?
To listen to the experience of having started a group of companies over 22 years ago, having grown them, survived and provided an exit to everybody involved. Expect something highly unconventional and different from the usual story… or at least, so I am told.  

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