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About the Bio Studio program

Irina Borodina
Professor at DTU Biosustain

"Irina Borodina is a Professor in Yeast Metabolic Engineering at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability, Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Her research focuses on advancing the methodologies for metabolic engineering of yeast cell factories for the sustainable production of bulk and high-value chemicals. She received a Chemical Engineering degree from the Kaunas University of Technology in..."

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Tue Rasmussen
Entrepreneur in Residence

"Tue Rasmussen is the Owner and Managing Director of TURA Consult, a business consultancy for tech start-ups and scale-ups within industrial biotech and food tech, and an Entrepreneur in Residence at BioInnovation Institute for the Yeti Foods project. He has over eight years of experience with global business development at industry giants Novozymes and Chr. Hansen and has also worked for almost five years as th..."

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Interview with Tue Rasmussen

Why have you decided to join Yeti Foods as an Entrepreneur in Residence?

My focus is impact. Yeti Foods addresses a space with significant societal and environmental effects and an untapped commercial potential. Our food systems account for more than 30% of the global greenhouse gas emissions, and with a continuously growing population combined with a staggering rise in the number of people living with food insecurity, we must rethink how we can produce food in a more planet-friendly way.

What is your role as an Entrepreneur in Residence?

I function as the project CEO of Yeti Foods, responsible for leading the team, all commercial activity, equity fundraising, and company creation at the end of the program.

What attracted you to become a part of BII’s entrepreneurial community?

BII catalyzes bio-entrepreneurial endeavors in Denmark as it brings founder-friendly funding and significant experience to help entrepreneurs bring innovative solutions to the market. BII also strongly focuses on the area that lies close to my heart – planetary health, i.e., using advanced biotechnology to help produce the food, agricultural products, and materials needed for a growing population without depleting our planet’s resources.

What are some of the biggest learnings from your career that you bring to your position as an Entrepreneur in Residence?

The critical thing I brought from my former job as a start-up entrepreneur was the experience of having complete ownership of a project. When something is not working, the team must double down and solve it. And if nobody in the group has the skill set or motivation to do that, then it falls on you to lead the way.

What are some of your near-term plans for this new role?

For Yeti Foods, we’re on a journey of technology development. We have three years to build our technology platform and showcase products to convince and excite investors and industry partners. That strategy needs to be aligned over the past months. It is primarily a matter of executing critical tasks while continually getting investor and partner feedback on our progress to refine our approach.

How have previous experiences shaped your approach to the role of Entrepreneur in Residence?

The one I would like to highlight is people. I have seen motivated individuals and teams completely change the trajectory of a business. Complex challenges are much easier to face with empowered people on board.

About the Bio Studio program

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