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Fluilux Diagnostics

About the Bio Studio program

Anja Boisen
Director of DNRF & Villum Centre of Excellence ‘IDUN’

"Anja Boisen has more than 20 years of experience in sensor development and has managed several larger national and international projects. She is heading the IDUN Center of Excellence and has co-founded four spinout companies from DTU. Anja is, among others, the vice-chair of Innovation Fund Denmark, which supports entrepreneurs, researchers, and businesses to develop innovative and viable solutions to society’..."

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Shivani Joshi

"Shivani is immensely passionate about the Bio Studio Project Portfolio, where she builds new ventures from research projects. As Senior Associate in the Innovation team, she is responsible for the successful establishment and execution of the various Bio Studio projects, with a strong focus on accelerating the project towards company creation within three years.  The bench-to-market chasm excites her. As the op..."

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About the Bio Studio program

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