BII News - Proxi Biotech wins the BII Acceleration Award

Proxi Biotech wins the BII Acceleration Award

Proxi Biotech wins the BII Acceleration Award

Proxi Biotech is the winner of the BII Acceleration Award. On May 29, 2019, they received the honor on stage at the BII DemoDay in front of an audience of 150 people from the life science ecosystem.

The four start-ups that graduated the three months long Business Acceleration Academy program pitched their projects on stage and a panel of deal takers commented on each start-up, but it was up to the audience to pick the winner.

Proxi Biotech is founded by René Jørgensen, Aria Aminzadeh and Kasper G. Ørtenblad. The team is trying to solve the problem of antimicrobial infections with a vaccine and it was René Jørgensen who came up with the idea to efficiently deactivate bacterial toxins while preserving their immunogenic properties while Aria came up with a solution for it. Kasper G. Ørtenblad is the company CEO and it was him who pitched on stage at DemoDay.

“To have an entire stage in a movie theater really gave an adrenalin kick and the pitch went well, but we were still a bit surprised and of course extremely pleased when we were announced as the winners.”, says Kasper G. Ørtenblad.

Last year’s winner, Cirqle Biomedical was there to hand over the award. Since their graduation from the Business Acceleration Academy, they have been accepted in the Creation House program with funding of DKK 10M.

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Watch the live stream from the demo day including the pitch from Proxi Biotech here


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