BII News - Maja Rennig: ”Business is not science”

Maja Rennig: ”Business is not science”

Maja Rennig: ”Business is not science”

Meet Maja Rennig, future CTO of Mycropt. She is currently part of the trial run of the Business Acceleration Academy (BAA) program with Mycropt – a holistic technology platform for optimizing protein production in microbes. We asked her four questions about the BAA program.

Why should a project apply for the Business Acceleration Academy program (BAA)?
To understand business. BAA is a really cool opportunity – especially for a spin-out from a university like Mycropt. Naturally, our focus has been science and I personally did not know anything about developing a business. I expect I am not the only one out there.

Describe BAA in one word:

What is the most challenging part of BAA?
To prioritize and understand where to put our focus. We learn so many new things and everything seems equally important when you are not experienced. As part of the BAA we have mentors to turn to and they play an important role in helping us prioritize.

What has been the biggest eye-opener so far?
That business is not science. They are two different worlds, two different ways of thinking and it is really important to understand both.

Ready to create a solid initial business plan for your company? Apply for the Business Acceleration Academy. Deadline: March 19, 2019.


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