Jens Nielsen: ”2022 was a transformative year for BII” - BioInnovation Institute

Jens Nielsen: ”2022 was a transformative year for BII”

Jens Nielsen: ”2022 was a transformative year for BII”

166 applicants from 31 countries. 20 percent increase in projects and start-ups in BII programs. More than 100 investor pitches. Those are just some of the facts that sum up the year 2022 at BioInnovation Institute.

Last week, they and many more facts and figures were released in the annual Impact Report. Find it here.

“We have taken some time in the first few months of this year to dive into 2022 and to analyze the progress. Although 2022 can already seem like a long time ago, I hope our community will take a moment to look into this transformative year”, says Jens Nielsen.

One of the key achievements was the finetuning of BII’s programs which has been ongoing since BII opened its doors in 2018. It was clear that there was a gap to bridge from research to market, but tailoring the exact value proposition in collaboration with start-ups, investors, the industry, and many more has required several iterations along the way.

“We have really found the formula for success with our Venture Lab, Venture House, and Bio Studio programs, and it has shown in the investments made by national and international investors since 2018,” says Jens Nielsen.

Until the end of 2022, BII start-ups had raised EUR 241.7 million, split between 44 start-ups in human health and 11 in planetary health.

BII also expanded its international reach by introducing the BII & Science Prize for Innovation Award in collaboration with Science, one of the world’s top academic journals. More than 60 applications were received, but in the end, the 2022 award went to MIT Professor Benedetto Marelli for his work in harnessing silk design to extend the shelf life of foods and improve crop seeding and growth.

Find start-up stories, reflections from BII staff, information about the new BII facility, and much more in the Impact Report 2022.

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