Four BII companies selected for TMC Innovation accelerator program - BioInnovation Institute

Four BII companies selected for TMC Innovation accelerator program

Four BII companies selected for TMC Innovation accelerator program

BioInnovation Institute (BII) and Texas Medical Center (TMC) jointly announced the selection of four companies for the second Danish cohort to join a tailored TMC Innovation Accelerator program. This initiative aims to facilitate market expansion into the US by fostering strategic partnerships, promoting clinical innovation, and cultivating research collaborations within the vibrant TMC ecosystem, the world’s largest medical complex renowned for its healthcare expertise and resources.

“We are excited to welcome these startups to TMC as Danish companies are making significant strides in drug discovery and health tech developments”, said Devin Dunn, Head of the Accelerator for Health Tech.

“As they look to expand into the US market, the collaborative environment fostered by our dedicated team, programs, and clinical community will help them advance their innovations, foster research collaborations, and further develop their technologies here in Houston.”

The TMC Innovation Factory offers startups and entrepreneurs training, access, and support to explore, expand, and commercialize within the US market. Similarly, the BioInnovation Institute provides life science startups with knowledge, connections, infrastructure, and financial support to bring interdisciplinary ideas to life and research to market.

“Our partnership with TMC is a strong offering to support visionary healthcare innovators to develop products and solutions to address clear unmet needs. The four healthcare startups selected to enter the customized accelerator program will get a unique opportunity to acquire critical insight to create field-ready plans for bringing their products and solutions to the US market,” says Tony Cheng-fu Chang, Principal at BioInnovation Institute with a focus on supporting healthcare startups.

The program’s participants are scheduled to travel to Houston on May 13, 2024, for an inaugural session dedicated to conducting preliminary US customer validation. This session will be followed by six months in the accelerator program, during which founders will have the opportunity to engage in a customized program, collaborating with TMCi advisors and mentors to refine their strategic development plans in the United States.

The selected companies and their specialties include:

Ampa Medical aims to improve quality of life through health technology. Its flagship product, InterPoc™, provides a discreet and efficient alternative to conventional stoma bags for individuals with ileostomy, enhancing their everyday experience.

Metsystem aims to transform cancer care by predicting the most effective drug for individual patients using an innovative metastasis-targeting drug screen platform.

Droplet IV aims to improve patient outcomes and reduce nurses’ burdens by building the future of IV infusion therapy with a product that automatically flushes every IV.

Alba Health focuses on developing a gut microbiome test for children fueled by microbiome science and AI technology.


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