Five start-ups to watch out for at BioSeed 2023! - BioInnovation Institute

Five start-ups to watch out for at BioSeed 2023!

Five start-ups to watch out for at BioSeed 2023!

At BioInnovation Institute, we support early-stage life science start-ups that contribute to improving human health for the benefit of people and society. But which companies should investors look out for at BioSeed 2023 in London? We asked our Senior Associate, Matthias Wulf, who highlighted five companies.

Probmet: PrOBMet is a spin-out from the RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences that draws on the collaborative expertise of the Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre. The company is developing targeted treatments for breast cancer brain metastatic patients.

Ousia Pharma: Ousia Pharma is a biotech spin-out from the University of Copenhagen developing novel peptide-drug conjugates for treating obesity and metabolic disease.

Stimuliver: Stimuliver is committed to supporting patients suffering from severe liver disease with a regenerative rescue treatment independent from donor organs. Their approach, Remote Regeneration, safely supplements the liver’s functioning through a remote transplant implanted beneath the skin, which helps filter toxins and takes the burden off the liver.

HHC Medical: HHC Medical is a health tech start-up developing a platform technology for targeted and non-invasive drug delivery via electroporation.

Tetrakit Technologies: TetraKit Technologies aims to revolutionize the development and preparation of theranostic radiopharmaceuticals through the unique radiolabeling platform: TetraKit. This platform allows for universal, one-fits-all radiolabeling of any targeting vector. The application of TetraKit in radiopharmacies will mean more powerful, accessible and cost-effective treatments for patients with metastatic cancer.

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