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Five start-ups revolutionizing the future of food

Five start-ups revolutionizing the future of food

Through BII’s programs, we focus on supporting companies with technologies and products that can improve how we produce and eat food. Bringing novel and sustainable food alternatives on the market is crucial in solving some of our planet’s major challenges. Thus, we decided to highlight five companies in the field of food tech. 

FÆRM provides an enzymatic solution for plant-based cheese, translating dairy practices to legumes in cooperation with dairy plants. By combining creative science with traditional cheese methods, FÆRM has designed new technology for the future of plant-based deliciousness.

Matr Foods has the ambition to revolutionize the food industry. Today, we have a food system that cannot sustainably feed the world’s population, and we drastically need to reduce the CO2 footprint of food production. Furthermore, food production takes up a large land mass, and we need to do something radical to deploy less land mass for food production.

Matr Foods came up with a novel alternative to regular meat-based production by using the side streams of the food industry to make delicious plant-based food. The company’s products are already available in Sticks N’Sushi in UK, Germany, Denmark, and Gasoline Grill.

Nordic Virtual Pastures aims to accelerate the cultured meat revolution by introducing their ground-breaking ‘BoSat Proliferate’ to propagate meat cells. The sustainability of the company’s product and the low cost will further optimize the production, allowing the world to continue eating meat without the ethical and environmental issues surrounding the conventional meat industry.

Mello has developed a proprietary technology that will generate TrueCore particles at a micro size and remain stable to protect the inner probiotic or bioactive (functional ingredient) in application and during delivery. Increased particle stability enables the industry to develop new innovative product solutions that were previously impossible. The company’s technology can further enhance nutritional content in plant-based food and drinks as consumers request worldwide.

Upstream Foods is developing a novel ingredient to uplevel seafood alternatives. The start-up based in Wageningen, the Netherlands, uses cell-culture methods to make the absolute tastiest fats that provide all the complex flavors, oily mouthfeel, and health benefits people love about traditional seafood. Using cell-based fats as a stepping stone towards a cell-based future, the company’s approach will allow Upstream Foods to reach scale a lot faster.

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