BII News - Eight early-stage projects granted by BII

Eight early-stage projects granted by BII

Eight early-stage projects granted by BII

Eight promising projects with commercial potential receive the Proof of Concept Grant of up to DKK 1M from BioInnovation Institute. The projects have been chosen in the fields of medtech, pharma and industrial biotech.

“We are very pleased to once again see applicants from all Danish universities but also hospitals apply for a program with a commercial focus. At BII, we work to bring research closer to the market and the Proof of Concept program is the first step on this journey”, says Louise Clemmensen, Scientific Developer and responsible for the program.

Each project has been awarded between DKK 890.000 and DKK 950.000 to establish the proof of concept for their research. The first projects will begin the work at their current institutions in January. During the 12 months long program, they will be invited to visit BioInnovation Institute for various events.

If you are looking to establish proof of concept for your research, apply for a BII grant before March 12, 2020. Click to learn more and apply.

Welcome to BII and congratulations to the chosen projects:

Gertrud Hjortø from University of Copenhagen for the pharma project: Use of chemotaxis-potentiating peptides for reactivating the immune system in cancer therapies

Katrine Qvortrup from Technical University of Denmark for the pharma project: Advanced linker platform for increased specificity of drug candidates

Louise Møller Jørgensen from Rigshospitalet for the medtech project: Neuroceutical therapy: the fMRI compatible electrical stimulator

Petra Hamerlik from Kræftens bekæmpelse for the medtech project: Non-invasive diagnosis and monitoring of patients with malignant brain cancer

Raphael Reuten from Biotech Research and Innovation Centre (BRIC), University of Copenhagen for the pharma project: Pre-clinical testing of novel antibody therapy against fibrosis

Sakari Kauppinen from Aalborg University for the pharma project: Therapeutic targeting of long noncoding RNA for treatment of multiple sclerosis

Thomas Michael Frimurer from University of Copenhagen for the pharma project: Translating first-in-class compounds with a novel mode of action on the free fatty acid receptor 1 (FFAR1) into prototype leads

Veronica Liv Andersen from Aarhus University for the medtech project: Modular companion diagnostics for breast cancer


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