BII News - DemoDay: Who to watch and why?

DemoDay: Who to watch and why?

DemoDay: Who to watch and why?

On May 27, 2020, BII’s virtual DemoDay will be broadcasted from a professional tv-studio to the life science ecosystem in Denmark and abroad. If you haven’t reserved your ticket, click here.

For the past few months, the six start-ups from the Business Acceleration Academy have been working on developing a solid, initial business plan that will help them bring their solutions to the market. In collaboration with the BII business development team and subject matter experts, the teams have developed tremendously since the beginning and right now, they are fine-tuning their pitches for DemoDay.

All teams have an anchor in the BII team who has worked closely with them and followed their progress. We asked them who to watch on DemoDay and why.

Senior Scientific Business Developer, Hervør Lykke Olsen, about the therapeutics start-up BOOST Pharma:
“Imagine having fractures already before even being born – to be born with a devastating disease, with no hopes to heal. Imagine the pain. BOOST Pharma is treating the untreatable. See them at DemoDay and find out how!”

Read an interview with BOOST Pharma.

Cathrine Nygaard Christensen, Funding Specialist, about the health tech start-up WARD 24/7:
“What if standard vital signs could predict severe implications before they happened? WARD 24/7 is intelligent patient monitoring that does exactly that”

Read an interview with WARD 24/7.

Christian Brix Tillegreen, Senior Business Developer, about the bio-industrial start-up Chromologics:
“Chromologics has developed methods and a biological strain, using the power of fermentation to create a superior platform of natural and better-performing colors – starting with the color of red. During the BAA program, the start-up has progressed on their unique value proposition and fundraising”

Read an interview with Chromologics.

Maria Henriques De Jesus, Project Specialist, about the health tech start-up PARAGIT Solutions:

”Paragit is a team of young innovative individuals that are tackling the problems associated with Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. They are doing it via a “sleeve” that patients can use in their homes and that collects data on the cardinal symptoms associated with the disease. This way, they can provide doctors with information on disease progression, medication monitoring and even early diagnosis”

Read an interview with PARAGIT Solutions.

Christian Brix Tillegreen, Senior Business Developer, on the bio-industrial start-up SecondCircle:
”SecondCircle captures, converts and creates valuable products out of CO2, which has not been economically feasible before due to the high production cost. The team has found their position in the market and has progressed a lot in establishing enabling partnerships with some of the largest industrial companies in Denmark”

Read an interview with SecondCircle.

Giles Dudley, Senior Business Developer, about the therapeutics start-up FertilityPro:
“First in class treatment for male infertility”

Read an interview with FertilityPro.

Want to know more? Sign up for DemoDay on May 27, 2020, to hear the six companies pitch and compete to win the BII Acceleration Award. 


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