BII News - Business developer joins BII

Business developer joins BII

Business developer joins BII

Another strong profile has joined the BII team. Christian Brix Tillegreen will play an important role in helping the projects in BII with the commercial aspects of starting a company, and he brings experience from business creation and business development in Denmark, China, and the US.

For the past seven years he has worked with innovation and new business development in Novozymes. His role has been to scout for and foster new projects within Novozymes using a lean and simple start-up approach – backed with the resources of Novozymes.

“My experience is that to create real value as a start-up, you need a cross-functional team because friction and different view points are crucial in order to progress a project”, he says.

His role will also be to help the projects incorporate scalablility of their start-up from an early stage, as this is rarely something that teams have considered.

“Questions such as how your end consumer will actually benefit from your solution is usually not top of mind with early stage life science projects, but considering these things in relation to scalability will benefit the start-up later on”, says Christian.

Christian joined the BII team on July 1st. Get in touch with him.

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