BII News - Partners with Copenhagen Business School

BII partners with Copenhagen Business School

BII partners with Copenhagen Business School

BioInnovation Institute is continuously expanding its network and has partnered with Copenhagen Business School (CBS). The purpose is to bring business and science closer together through various initiatives both at BII and at CBS.

“Copenhagen Business School is the leading business school in Denmark. To strengthen the entire life science ecosystem in Denmark, it is important not only to focus on the scientific pipeline. In this joint effort, we will be able to foster the life science business entrepreneurs of tomorrow”, says Jens Nielsen, CEO of BioInnovation Institute.

One of the initiatives that will come from the collaboration is BII’s engagement in the CBS Master Program ‘Bridging Business and Biotech’. BII will offer cases and help students partner with the relevant companies from the BII program Venture Lab. Amongst other initiatives will be a summer school hosted at BII and through CBS Executive, and BII will take part in organizing a two-day executive training for boards in the life science start-up space.

At Copenhagen Business School, Dean of Education Gregor Halff believes the collaboration will be impactful both short and long term.

“There is so much potential in bringing business and science together in this industry, and a collaboration regarding our master program is a good start to a more structured approach. We currently see how other cities around the world such as Zurich, Boston and Tel Aviv are ahead of us due to a similar approach. With the capacities we have in Denmark in both business and life science, there is no reason why Copenhagen could not do the same”, he says.

He believes that the collaboration will also be an eye-opener for many students who may not know much of the life science sector and start-up scene.

“There is some catching up to do in this area to show that life sciences are not only relevant for engineers and scientists. Our collaboration will bring students closer to this very attractive industry and its opportunities”, says Gregor Halff.

CEO of BII, Jens Nielsen highlights this as well.

“We want to make sure that more students and graduates from CBS turn to life science and, in particular, to early company creation in this field. Bringing research to the market takes time and requires interdisciplinary collaboration between entrepreneurs with business backgrounds and scientific backgrounds”, says Jens Nielsen.

BII has recently partnered with The Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University, and Novo Nordisk and Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

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