BII News - BII enters first corporate partnership

BII enters first corporate partnership

BII enters first corporate partnership

How do life science start-ups legally protect their IP-rights? How do start-ups navigate the legal issues with clinical trial agreements, and what are the legal pitfalls when raising investments?

BII has just entered into its first corporate partnership with Plesner, one of the leading Danish law firms. As a contributing partner in the BII networks, Plesner offers the BII start-ups free legal advice and expertise to avoid the many legal pitfalls that entrepreneurs face when starting a business.

“We want to provide the promising start-ups in the BII programs the best opportunities to grow their business fast. Legal counseling has been one of the most asked for services, which is why we expect the collaboration with Plesner to be highly valuable for start-ups whether they are specialized in pharma, biotech or medtech,“ says Thomas Nagy, director of BioInnovation Institute.

In the new partnership, two lawyers from Plesner will be present one day a week at the BII offices where they will provide consultancy and guidance about all legal questions and issues that entrepreneurs and start-ups face.

”We are moving the consultancy out of Plesner’s offices and onto the entrepreneurs’ turf at BioInnovation Institute. This provides our lawyers with valuable experiences and offers a unique opportunity to help life science entrepreneurs face-to-face. For us it is fascinating to get to know the entrepreneurial minds and scientists’ worldview and help with advice and assistance in a wide array of legal areas,” says Sara Hanquist Johnsen, attorney-at-law at Plesner.

For BII collaboration is key. BII welcomes both smaller specialized companies as well as larger international organizations who want to join and contribute to the vibrant community at BII and take part in accelerating early-stage life science projects and start-ups.

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Learn more about the partnership with Plesner in this video from the official opening of BII:


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