BII News - Broadcasts DemoDay live from tv-studio

BII broadcasts DemoDay live from tv-studio

BII broadcasts DemoDay live from tv-studio

On May 27, the six life science start-ups in the Business Acceleration Academy are graduating the 11 weeks long program. That calls for DemoDay with sharp pitches from the six start-ups, but due to the current situation, the event will be broadcasted live to the life science ecosystem from a professional tv-studio.

Since the beginning of March, the teams have been working full time on developing a strong, initial business plan and filling all the gaps on the road to commercializing their solution. The companies are spread across topics such as male fertility, Parkinson’s disease monitoring, food colorants and CO2 emission, and their technologies have the potential to greatly benefit human welfare and the environment.

Sign up in the link and check out what to expect from the day in these three answers from Maria Henriques de Jesus from the BII Business Development team who is working closely with the teams.

Why are you doing a virtual DemoDay?
We did not want to postpone or cancel the event because the teams have moved at a great pace throughout the program and developed their business cases despite the situation. Teams that have been struggling with their go-to-market plan now have a clear understanding of their regulatory roadmap and others have made great turns in their messaging and visual identity to be ready to meet potential partners.

What should we expect from the event?
Everyone who has been to DemoDay at BII will know that it is a day of celebration, and we usually go all in. That is also why we have chosen to not just live stream the event but move it to a professional tv-studio. We are working with an event agency to make it a cool and dynamic set-up worth watching with great pitches from our promising start-ups that are working hard towards this big day.

How are the teams preparing to pitch in a tv-studio?
We usually have a stagecoach in the program that helps the teams get ready to present in front of a live audience on a stage. We know that different techniques apply for delivering a pitch to a camera, so this time we are doing workshops on tv-presence to prepare the teams for the new set-up. We are actually quite excited to explore the professional, virtual format as it could be something we can use for other events in the future.

Want to join the event on May 27? Sign up here.

Check out the video from DemoDay in the fall of 2019.

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