BII News - Partnership with the University of Copenhagen

BII announces partnership with the University of Copenhagen

BII announces partnership with the University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen and BioInnovation Institute are joining forces to bring more research out of the labs and into the market for the benefit of people and society.

In early 2020, BioInnovation Institute initiated BII Faculty which aims to foster ground-breaking innovation based on scientific research from top tier scientists. BII Faculty offers funding of up to DKK 6M per project a year over three-years and is built on a close collaboration with research institutions in Denmark and the University of Copenhagen is the second to join.

“To have an agreement in place with an important institution such as the University of Copenhagen is key to a successful BII Faculty. We have already worked with several spinouts from the University of Copenhagen in the BII programs and we look forward to strengthening the collaboration in the very early space as well,” says Jens Nielsen, CEO of BII.

From the University of Copenhagen, Kim Brinckmann, Deputy Director for Research and Innovation, says that the business development and financing that BII offers is what is needed for the excellent research to translate into marketable solutions for the benefit of society.

“It is quite obvious to us that BII can offer a lot to our entrepreneurial researchers. It is important to be challenged in the initial phases and to be in an environment with people who have the experience to take research to the market,” says Kim Brinckmann.

He emphasizes the uniqueness in the long-term engagement that BioInnovation Institute is offering with backing from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

“We see many great initiatives that unfortunately do not go beyond three or four years of operation. Early-stage life science innovation requires strong efforts and engagement throughout several years which is why we are excited about the possibilities in this partnership,” says Kim Brinckmann.

The Technical University of Denmark was the first research institution with whom BII partnered to provide candidates for the Faculty program, and currently BII supports four DTU based projects.

Read more about the projects and principal investigator in BII Faculty.

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