BII and Ferring jointly support FimmCyte through the Venture House program - BioInnovation Institute

BII and Ferring jointly support FimmCyte through the Venture House program

BII and Ferring jointly support FimmCyte through the Venture House program

BII and Ferring Pharmaceuticals recently announced a new strategic collaboration within women’s health to jointly source and potentially fund and incubate early-stage start-ups and projects within specific fields of reproductive medicine and maternal health through BII programs.

The first start-up to benefit from the collaboration is FimmCyte, a company focusing on developing a first-in-class endometriosis treatment to tackle a complex disease that affects more than 1 in 10 women of reproductive age worldwide. The company is part of BII’s newest Venture House cohort along with other program participants and receives a convertible loan of EUR 1.3M.

“The joint support of FimmCyte is the first tangible result of the collaboration, and we are excited to see such committed engagement from Ferring. Their support with drug development and extensive field knowledge will be of great value and help accelerate innovation in women’s health,” says Trine Bartholdy, Chief Innovation Officer, BII.

The support demonstrated by Ferring shows the clear synergies between leveraging BII’s proven expertise in translational science incubation and Ferring’s global expertise in commercializing solutions in reproductive medicine and maternal health.

“The strategic collaboration with BII highlights Ferring’s continued commitment to support early-stage innovation in women’s health, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to support FimmCyte, which is on a critical mission to bring better therapeutic options to people suffering from endometriosis,” says Kelle Moley, VP, Reproductive Medicine and Maternal Health.

FimmCyte is excited about the acceleration potential of the joint support by BII and Ferring, which will be vital in succeeding with the company’s mission of treating patients with endometriosis.

“Working closely with Ferring’s experts and expertise will enable us to tailor our development path to the needs of the various stakeholders in the complex drug development journey towards a new solution for patients,” says Mohaned Shilaih, CEO and co-founder of FimmCyte.

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