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About the Bio Studio program

Henriette Svarre Nielsen
Professor Consultant at University of Copenhagen and Hvidovre Hospital

"Henriette Svarre Nielsen is a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology and an expert in reproduction and recurrent pregnancy loss. Parallel to her clinical and academic career focusing on pathophysiology in reproduction and women’s health, Henriette Svarre Nielsen has successfully founded and chaired Maternity Foundation and co-founded OvaCure. Maternity Foundation aims to save lives in childbirth and develops e..."

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Shivani Joshi

"Shivani is immensely passionate about the Bio Studio Project Portfolio, where she builds new ventures from research projects. As Senior Associate in the Innovation team, she is responsible for the successful establishment and execution of the various Bio Studio projects, with a strong focus on accelerating the project towards company creation within three years.  The bench-to-market chasm excites her. As the op..."

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Interview with Henriette Svarre Nielsen

What have you learned about establishing companies that you can use in academia?

I have learned a lot from developing my academic and clinical career simultaneously as well as from building the NGO Maternity Foundation with an initial team of six women with different backgrounds and competencies. I have worked in Ethiopia, and that has taught me how to solve problems in different environments. My clear goal is to work in a global context and help women not only in Denmark but around the world.

How did you develop an eye for potential spinouts or translational projects?

The traditional view of what makes a good translational project in my field of research has not solved the problems that society is experiencing with pregnancy loss. I have been lucky to have some great partners on the translational path in these past years, and by combining competencies, we have taken clinical problems, investigated different solutions to them, and worked on solving them. I have always had an entrepreneurial drive and felt inspired to look at challenges from a new perspective.

What are the most promising technologies or solutions you have seen from health tech?

Traditionally, we have seen little in both diagnostics and treatment within reproductive health. I believe we will see more commercial opportunities in this field because technology has evolved and because women and society no longer accept the lack of knowledge, diagnostics, and treatments for reproductive diseases and women’s diseases in general.

About the Bio Studio program

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