BII News - What does BII look for in an application?

What does BII look for in an application?

What does BII look for in an application?

Meet Hervør Lykke Olsen who is part of the programs team as our scientific advisor. We asked her three questions that we often hear from applicants.

What does BII look for in an application?
BII has a strong commercial focus so we look for the novelty of the project’s invention or idea, how it meets market needs and how it can benefit human welfare and society. We also look at the team behind the project to understand how dedicated they are to driving a start-up.

What is your best advice for writing the application?
Keep the application precise and to the point. Also, make sure to cover all focus points described in the call text and not just the scientific side of the project.

How does a project or company find the right program?
We see that many projects apply for the Creation House program (incubation) even though they are not mature enough. It takes a solid, initial business plan and a mature company structure to enter into the Creation House, and many companies would benefit from entering the 11 weeks full-time BII Business Acceleration Academy program prior to applying for incubation to make a stronger case for themselves and improving their chances to enter Creation House.

Read more about our three programs and apply.

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