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Q&A about BII’s Creation House program

Q&A about BII’s Creation House program

Are you in doubt whether you are eligible to apply for our Creation House program? We have asked our Creation House Lead, Hervør Lykke Olsen, to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Remember the deadline for applying is 25 November.

Can I apply if I am only one person working in the company?

Yes. However, a criterion for joining Creation House is that the company possesses the skills needed to execute the company’s business plan. We require you to identify the profiles required to complete the team.

Can I apply to the Creation House program if I have received funding from elsewhere?

Yes, but only non-dilutive funding is accepted. Professional investments and certain types of loans will exclude your company from being accepted into the Creation House program. Learn more here.

Do I need to have a registered company to be in the program?

Yes, the convertible loan is provided for Danish-registered companies only. You do not need to have a company at the time of application, but you must register one if your application is successful. Read more about company eligibility here.

Do I need to own the IPR of my project to be in the Creation House?

You should have control of the IP that is the basis of your company, e.g., through ownership or license agreements.

Do I need to work full-time on the company project to be part of the Creation House program?

Not necessarily. But we do require high-level dedication and priority of start-up activities.

Do we have to relocate to BII labs and offices?

No! But you do need to have a physical presence during the program. We can ease the transition by helping you to build an operational team at the BioInnovation Institute.

How do you measure the companies’ progression during the Creation House program?

In collaboration with the team, BII staff will evaluate the project’s value inflection points and set up milestones. Each company will get a dedicated BII anchor who will support the team.

How many companies are accepted?

In this call, we can accept eight companies.

How much is the Creation House convertible loan?

DKK 10 million, paid in tranches linked to scientific and commercial milestones. See the loan terms here.

I am not a Danish citizen. Can I apply for Creation House?

Yes! But if you want to be present at BII, you need a work permit. If you are not an EU citizen, this might not be possible. Please reach out to our friends at Copenhagen Capacity if you have questions.

What does the convertible loan cover?

The loan can be used for activities such as research, prototypes, patents, salary for staff and other costs associated with the commercialization process.

What if my company fails?

The loan includes no personal guarantees of repayment from the founders. In case of liquidation (company closure), the unrepaid balance of the loan will be converted into a grant from BII.

What is the duration of the Creation House program?

18 months.

What is the outcome of Creation House?

A prototype or lead candidate

What is the purpose of Creation House?

To bring the project to a stage where it can attract funding (e.g., Series A) to support further development and growth.

Which life science companies do you accept?

Creation House is eligible for companies within the fields of therapeutics, bioindustrials and health tech. The companies must have strong commercial aspirations.

The deadline for applying is 25 November. You can find a complete overview of the guidelines here.


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