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BII & Science Translational Medicine Prize for Innovations in Women´s Health

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The BII & Science Translational Medicine Prize for Innovations in Women’s Health aims to recognize researchers who have developed innovative advances with translational potential to impact women’s health globally.

Contributions within any area of women’s health* will be considered. These may cover work in areas of female-specific conditions including maternal health and chronic gynecological diseases, reproductive health including contraception and infertility affecting all persons, or elucidation of sex- and gender-specific approaches to conditions that affect women differently or disproportionately.

We encourage researchers who may have made significant advances in addressing questions in these fields at the intersection of translational research and clinical applications, or who are developing new drugs, diagnostic approaches, medical devices, or healthcare technologies, to apply. Researchers who have advanced development of new solutions that can be readily deployed in low- and middle-income countries are encouraged to apply.

The prize is awarded for outstanding research performed by the applicant and as described in a 1,000-word essay.

The winner will have their essay published in Science Translational Medicine, be awarded a cash reward of $25,000 and receive a five-year subscription to Science Translational Magazine. The winner will also be invited to BII headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, for the Grand Award Ceremony.

*Any condition affecting individuals identifying as women including persons assigned as female at birth, transgender, and nonbinary.

Call for submissions open
June, 2024
Submissions deadline
November 1, 2024
The winning essay are published in Science Translational Medicine
Grand Award Ceremony in Copenhagen
Spring, 2025



Frequently Asked Questions
Who are behind the prize?

The prize is initiated through a collaboration between BioInnovation Institute (BII) and Science Translational Medicine.

Who can apply for the prize and what are the eligibility criteria?

Applications are welcome from researchers at any career stage who have completed their PhD, MD or MD/PhD training and are striving to address crucial challenges in women’s health using creative approaches.

Successful applicants will have made significant research advances leading to solutions to challenges in women’s health with the goal of improving women’s health worldwide.

While the research may be part of a larger team effort, an eligible entrant must be a single individual and the essay must focus on their contribution.

An entrant may not win more than one Science Prize using the same essay or a similar essay on the same research.

Essays on the same research cannot win more than one Science Prize regardless of who the entrant is.

Past winners of a Science Prize cannot be eligible for another Science Prize until at least 5 years have passed since the award.

Text generated from AI, machine learning, or similar algorithmic tools cannot be used to generate or edit the submission nor its accompanying figures, images, or graphics, without explicit permission from the Science journal editors. Furthermore, prior to publication of the winning entries, winners will be required to sign the Science journal License to Publish, wherein the entrant must warrant that they have followed this requirement.

Who selects the prize winner?

Science journal editors will screen the essays. A committee of scientists chaired by a Science journal Senior Editor, Deputy Editor, Editor or Editor in Chief, will select winners from the finalists.

What are the evaluation criteria?

The essays will be rated on a 1-5 scale for three characteristics:

First, scientific quality and significance. A high score in this area would mean that the results are particularly important in moving the field forward or changing the way the field views a phenomenon. Elegant experiments, or a fresh approach to a problem would all contribute to this score.

Second, the clarity and style of the writing. A high score in this category would mean that the results are presented in a particularly compelling way, with the logic of the experiments obvious and the overall significance of the result clearly explained. An engaging writing style would contribute to a high score here.

Thirdly, that the scientific results have translational potential.

What is the Prize?

The Prize winner will be awarded a cash prize of US$25,000, get their essay published in Science Translational Medicine and receive a free five-year subscription to Science Translational Magazine.


How often is the prize awarded?

The prize will be awarded once a year.

Where does the Grand Award Ceremony take place?

The Grand Award Ceremony will take place at BioInnovation Institute’s headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. BioInnovation Institute will cover the cost of travel and accommodation for the prize winner.